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Resource Teacher: Debra Adler

Academic support for ESOL is in room 152 during both lunches

The Staff:

  • Hannah Block–
  • Philip Bramble –
  • Yolande Bruno –
  • Ryan Gerasimowicz –
  • Jody Gil –
  • Robyn Gopin –
  • Tuhien Ha –
  • Michael Herlihy –
  • Danelle James –
  • Hiba Jampolsky –
  • Nicole Levesque –
  • Leah Marcus –
  • Brenna Matthews –
  • Han Nguyen –
  • Pilar Romero –
  • Eugenia Semirot –
  • Cindy Spoon –
  • Natalie Waltz –

Currently there are about 400 students in Blair's ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) Program which account for approximately 13% of the current student population. Another 20% of Blair's current enrollment are former ESOL students who were in the ESOL program at Blair or one of its feeder schools.

Students in the ESOL program are tested and placed as follows:

ESOL Literacy (METS) Level 3 - Developing Level
Level 1 - Entering Level Level 4 - Expanding Level
Level 2 - Beginning Level Level 5 - Bridging Level

Students are tested during the year and are moved from level to level as needed.

Classes and Support Offered by the ESOL Department

Intensive English Classes: Students in ESOL literacy and levels 1-3 have a double period English class. Students in ESOL 4-5 have one period of ESOL and one period of reading. ESOL Seniors can take a Bridge English class as well as their ESOL class. In ESOL classes, teachers emphasize listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills.

Sheltered Content Classes:  ESOL teachers offer sheltered content classes to selected students in Reading, Language of Math, and Academic Language.

Sheltered Classes and Support offered to ESOL Students by Other Departments

Social Studies - U.S. History, NSL Government, and World History

Science - Physical Science, Environmental Science, and Physics

Math - Algebra and Geometry

English - Bridge English (for upper level and recently exited ESOL students)

Academic Support Room: The ESOL Department offers support to ESOL students for help with all their ESOL and content classes in room 155. The support room is open every day during lunch and after school Thursday until 3:30 p.m.