Physical Education at Blair Information

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Due to the nature of physical education courses, there are some special policies, expectations, and items-of-note regarding Blair's physical education courses. If you or your child is enrolled in Blair P.E., please take a moment to examine the information below.

I. Mission

Physical Education will provide an individualized, developmentally appropriate, and personally challenging instructional program that advancesd the student's knowledge, confidence, skills and motivation to engage in a lifelong, healthy, active lifestyle.

The benefits derived from the physical education program depend upon the amount of effort and positive attitude which a student displays. In order to provide for a variety of student needs and interests, the program is divided into two main components: General Physical Education and Specialized Physical Education.

II. Expectations for All Students

In Physical Education all students will participate in a regular program of vigorous exercise and activities which require consideration to attire, personal hygiene, and locker room procedures. The following expectations are developed to protect and enable each student to obtain the maximum benefit from the program. Students will be expected to:

Arrive on time to the locker room BEFORE the tardy bell. Students will also arrive to their activity area, ready for participation, EIGHT minutes AFTER the tardy bell.

Have a complete change of clothing. A tee shirt and an elasticized-waist gym short are appropriate for most classes. Sweatpants and a sweatshirt are needed for cooler weather. Street clothes or clothing worn to school are not permitted (such as button down shirts, jeans and khaki-style pants, and also clothing articles with zippers and belt loops). P.E. clothing may not be worn over a student’s street clothes during class activities.

Wear appropriate athletic shoes. Tennis shoes must have a rubber sole and should be properly laced up and tied. High-heeled, or platform, tennis shoes are not acceptable.

Lock up all personal items during class time. Students should lock all valuables in their own P.E. locker. Book bags, valuables, or large items should be brought to a students’ assigned class location. Personal belongings too large to fit in the lockers should not be left unsecured in the locker room areas during P.E. class. Any locker problems should be reported immediately to the student’s teacher.

Remove all jewelry BEFORE class and lock it in their lockers. Removing jewelry helps prevent loss, damage and personal injuries. Caution should be exercised when wearing prescription glasses or contact lenses.

Upon changing into the proper P.E. clothing, report promptly to their assigned class location. Students are to wait quietly in their assigned class locations until class begins. Students are to stay off bleachers and equipment unless directed by their teacher.

Immediately report all injuries to the teacher. A student that sustains an injury during a P.E. activity should report that injury to his/her teacher as soon as the injury occurs. Students will not be permitted to go to the Health Room without a pass from a teacher.

Check their locker to be sure that it is locked and secured. At the end of a class period, students should check to be sure that their P.E. clothes are returned to their locker and that the locker door is shut tightly and locked. All students will then remain in the designated areas for dismissal. Non-dressed students will not be permitted to leave early.

Keep food, candy, gum, beverages, glass containers, and aerosol spray cans (i.e. deodorant, perfumes, etc.) out of the locker rooms and in class. Only plastic water bottles will be permitted.

Participate to the fullest extent in ALL class activities

Students will also:

  • speak appropriately to staff and other students.
  • treat equipment properly and as directed by the teacher.
  • listen and follow directions during class instruction.
  • refrain from horseplay and inappropriate behavior.
  • aid in the prevention of escalated disagreements.
  • participate in a safe and respectful manner.
  • exhibit all aspects of proper sportsmanship.

III. Student Participation

Students are expected to fully participate in the assigned activities each class period. Students must be properly dressed to participate in class activities. Non-participating students must sit in an area separate from the designated book bag area.

Students are required to bring a note, signed by a parent or guardian, explaining the reason for non-participation, in order to be excused from class activities. An excused note from home should be presented on the day of non-participation or, with teacher permission, by the next class session.

A doctor’s note is required after THREE consecutive days (NOT classes) of non-participation.

Non-participating students MUST report to their P.E. teacher (in their office) prior to reporting to the class activity area.

Students are accountable for ANY class absence(s), or tardies from class, as stated in the school policies outlined in the MBHS Student Handbook.

Students arriving late to P.E. class must have a note from an appropriate staff member.

Students who wish to perform work for other academic classes, during their assigned P.E. class time(s), must gain PRIOR PERMISSION from their individual P.E. teacher in order to be dismissed from P.E. activities.

Non-participating students will not be permitted to do other class work during their P.E. activity time.

Students should use the restroom facilities during the changing times at the beginning or end of a class period. Locker rooms will be locked during activity time for security. Students therefore will not be permitted in the locker rooms during class activity time.

Students will report to their assigned area and teacher for attendance and ID check at the beginning and end of the period.

IV. To begin each semester, students will need to

  • bring an appropriate change of clothing,
  • bring appropriate athletic shoes,
  • bring a water bottle,
  • be issued a personal, Physical Education locker.

Students are not to share their locker combination with other students. Teachers will only share the combination with the assigned student.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Physical Education Program at Montgomery Blair High School, please contact the appropriate teacher via phone or the email addressed listed here. Thank you.

I, ________________________, as a student in the Montgomery Blair High School Physical Education Department, understand the goals, objectives, expectations and grading policy outlined in the program overview (above). In addition, I understand that these areas were designed to enable each student to obtain the maximum benifit form this program. I also realize that I mut abide by these expectation at all times during the semester and realize that failure to folow these guidelines could result in grade reduction.

Student Signature:________________________ Date:___/___/___

I, as the parent/guardian of a student in the Montgomery Blair High School Physical Education Department, understand the goals, objectives, expectations and grading policy outlined in the program overview (above). In addition, I understand that these areas were designed to enable my son/daughter to obtain the maximum benifit from this program. I also realize that my son/daughter must abide by these expectations at all times throught this semester, and will assist the course Instructor in adhering to these responsibilities.

Parent/Guadian Signature:________________________ Date:___/___/___

Questions regarding the Physical Education Program Overview can de direted to Mr. Rob McMahon (the PE Resource Teacher) or your child's Physical Education teacher. Contact can be made via email or through the phone numbers listed here.