Anagram Generator FAQ


I am no longer supporting the anagram generator, but here are some of the most common questions that I used to get.

Questions and Answers

  1. Who is responsible for the anagram generator?

    Several people. The anagram engine itself was written by Evans A. Criswell, of the University of Huntsville in Alabama. You can download a standalone version of his product, called Wordplay, from Criswell's site. Wordplay works well, and it comes with source code and a generous license.
  2. So what's your role in this?

    A fairly minor one. I made some minor modifications to Criswell's software and made it run from my Web site.
  3. Why is [insert anagram here] missing from the output?

    The anagram generator relies on a built-in English word list to make its output. The (public-domain) word list it's currently using isn't perfect, and seems to be missing many uncommon words as well as certain common ones. If a particular word is inexplicably missing from your output, try searching for the word by itself. If it doesn't even appear as an anagram of itself, then it isn't in the word list.
  4. Can you solve the following anagram/puzzle/challenge for me?

    Sorry, but no. I get tons of these requests, but I just don't have time.
  5. This anagram generator is the coolest thing I've ever seen! I've obtained so many hours of enjoyment out of it that I feel the urge to send you money! Do you accept personal checks?

    So glad you asked! Actually, if you like the anagram engine, go bug Evans A. Criswell, because most of the credit goes to him, not me. As noted earlier in this FAQ, I just wrote the Web interface.
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