The Montgomery Blair Players present...

A Christmas Carol

Fall 2006 brought A Christmas Carol to the Blair stage. With a new book and a challenging set design by John O'Connor the Blair Crew completely rebuilt last year's revolving set. The lighting crew pitched in with seven special gas lights on individual control, giving a proper Victorian look to the show.


Scrooge berates Cratchit for asking for Christmas off.


The Lamplighter sets the scene for A Christmas Carol's ghostly visits.

Running the propane gas lines was a fire code violation. Don't tell on us.

(OK, OK. We used electric lights.)

Marley visits Scrooge seven years after death.


"Do you believe in me or not?"


The chains Marley forged in life hamper him through eternity, can he save Scrooge the same fate?


Scrooge must relive his youth. Will he turn away from happiness to marry himself to business?


Faced with death Scrooge is changed.

Tiny Tim does not die, he has children... and grandchildren.


The big revolve was completely rebuilt for A Christmas Carol.


Rear projection turned the door knocker into the vision of Jacob Marley.


Beginning the Christmas Carol set.


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