The Montgomery Blair Players'

Charley's Aunt

Charley and Jack want to propose marriage, but can't find a chaperone.

Here Charley has to tell Amy that his aunt has not yet arrived.

When Charley's real aunt cancels Fancourt Babberly is pressed into acting the part of Charley's Aunt.

"Babs" doesn't know where to put the bouquet of flowers.

The girls fall in love with Charley's Aunt.

Jack sputters out a marriage proposal to Kitty.

The Stage Crew painted the Act II garden drop.

Charley's real aunt arrives, and takes the name of a friend when confronted with "Charley's Aunt.'

Jack's father sputters out a marriage proposal to "Charley's Aunt."

After Charley's "aunt" turns him down, Jack's father meets the real Charley's aunt, an old flame from long ago.

Jack, Charley and Babs finally come clean. Everyone ends up happy, except perhaps Mr. Spettigue, who also pursued the wrong "Charley's Aunt."