~ The Montgomery Blair Players Present ~

Once Upon a Mattress

2005 Spring Musical

Once Upon A Mattress, written Mary Rodgers, is the story of the Princess and the Pea, but told with a comedic twist.  In a land ruled by an evil queen and a mute king, no one may marry until the princess has found a bride.  However a suitable bride is one who passes the queen's grueling and unfair tests.  All hope seems to be lost until the arrival of an ungainly princess, one of thirteen princesses being tested, who manages to make an impression on the lonesome prince.  The queen, an overbearing and dramatic woman, decides she will test this bold princess for sensitivity by placing one tiny pea under twenty mattresses.  However with the help some friends, the princess feels more then just a pea, passing the test and saving the kingdom from  lives of celibacy.  Sounds ridiculous?  It is!  But a also a joy to watch and perform. 

To put on any show, you need a lot of people.  Below are pictures from the set, and links for pictures of crew and cast.

All photos courtesy of John Kaluta

For every show, a billboard is posted outside of the school on the corner.  This years was unique with the castle design.  Surrounding it are the crew members that helped to make it and put it up.


Here are the tents.

 We never actually knew why they were in the show, but they looked cool.↕

This was one of the largest physical pieces of our set.  A Draw bridge used in the opening number that actually opened and closed! 

As we usually do, the large boards that make up the main background were painted.  This year they were made to look like a castle wall with two windows that were backlit, with guards standing there during various parts of the show. 

For scenes when we didn't use the main background, we flew in this drop, painted to looks like the inside of the castle with a painted winding staircase. 


Click here to see pictures of how the crew put this all together!

Click here to see the cast.

Click here http://silverchips.mbhs.edu/inside.php?sid=5032 to go a review of the show, done by Silver Chips online, the online version of our school newspaper.