Crew Pictures

All photos courtesy of John Kaluta unless otherwise noted.


Here, the crew worked to paint a realistic looking wall and stairs leading up to the draw bridge.

In order to make a 3-D looking staircase, a model of a real spiral staircase was used (on the pillar).

This is a close-up comparison of the model staircase and the painted one in the background.

The largest tent (red), weighed about 150 pounds and was the most difficult to set.  It didn't help that it spilt in the middle and had to be re-braced.

See the pieces of wood spanning from top to bottom?, those were added to keep the red tent straight.

One of the other large set pieces was the cauldron for the Wizard.  It was made from chicken wire and paper-maché and was fairly easy and light to move around.

To create the main castle wall, a new wall was constructed from plywood, and painted to make the bricks look realistic.

Photo courtesy of Koyel Bhattacharyya

Then of course there was the bed.  We won't tell, you have to guess, real mattresses or fake?