Once Upon a Mattress

The Spring 2005 show is early this year, opening March 4, 5, and 6th; and closing March 11 and 12th. Once Upon a Mattress is an irreverent re-telling of the Princess and the Pea fable, with great music and dancing and a few other surprises along the way. Watch us build the set and make plans now to attend. Ticket sales begin in the last week of February.

Blair's stage crew preps the "big drop." Our drop is getting a little heavy with paint, we've re-painted it for every show for five years now.

From time to time we hear (from Blair students!) that the painted drops are rentals. THEY ARE NOT RENTALS.

As a matter of fact the only item not built and painted by the crew was the throne, it's a remnant from the Folger Theater.

Here's the drawbridge, which opens over our very own moat.

Here's the castle keep.

Tents for the carnival scene.

The next show... WHO KNOWS???!