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Eighth Grade Families Applying to the Magnet for 2022-23

County Information about applying to the Blair Magnet Program and all other county-wide programs is available at Applications will be available via Synergy ( on October 8th. Parents of students who reside in Montgomery county but do not attend an MCPS school will need to future register at their home middle school in order to get an MCPS student ID number and access to the application.  See for more information.Applications are due November 5th.

In lieu of in person meetings due to the pandemic, there will be a virtual, prerecorded meeting for interested students and their familes made available on on October 11th.

Central office staff are still finalizing the application. When the application is posted, families will be able to determine what information (including testing) will be required.

National Merit Semifinalists

Congratulations to Blair's 42 National Merit Semifinaliasts: Celeste R. Basken, Matthew R. Casertano, Aditya Chattopadhyay, Aiesha Chaudhry, Samuel S. Chen, Benjamin M. Cohen, Maia A. Egnal, Efe Eroz, Kevin J. Gehl, Chujia Guo, Natanel W. Ha, Ryan Z. He, Andrew J. Healey, Albert Y. Ho, Alena Y. Hu, Grace Hu, Michael Y. Hu, Samantha M. Jayasundera, Shane E. Jayasundera, Tharindi S. Jayatilake, Sally L. Kaye, Jihwan Kim, Hawon Lee, Jason H. Liu, Grace Ma, Malcolm D. Maas, Leela K. Mehta-Harwitz, Rohan I. Ojha, Jade Palosky, Henry Ren, Edward G. Rong, Ava C. Santiago, Zoe Schoeneman-Frye, Joy H. Song, Steven Su, Amy L.Tang, Ashley Thommana, Jeffrey W. Tong, Samuel K. Verbrugge, Liam E. Volz, Sirui Xue, and Hannah T. Zhang!

End of Year Awards!

Congratulations to class of 2020 Presidental Scholar Semifinialist Sujay Swain, 2021 National Cyber Scholarship winner Jason An, and Dhruv Pai and Simoni Mishra, who won Ambassador Awards from the United Nations Association of the United States of America.

Recognizing that education is an individual experience that depends on the unique talents and interests of each person, the mission of the Blair Magnet Program is to provide an environment in which each person's education is maximized by emphasizing the interrelationships among the disciplines, developing a repertoire of problem-solving techniques, and pursuing both independent and collaborative research projects

To realize the above mission, the staff nurtures the special talents of its academically able students by fostering individualism, independent thinking, and self-confidence by challenging those students through a unique, diversified curriculum. The environment, structure, and content promote the self-learner concept in which students participate in constructing their own knowledge base and learn problem-solving strategies that foster the multidisciplinary approach. The scope of their education extends beyond traditional classroom boundaries as students are asked to connect with a community that includes not only parents, mentors, other students, and staff but also a physical environment as diverse as our region.