Health and Physical Education

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Athletics: (240) 740-7240
Resource Teacher: Rob McMahon

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The Staff:

  • Angie Bosse – Health Education –
  • Edie Boyar – First Aid / Health Education –
  • Silvana Brinkman – Health Education / Specialty Dance Physical Education –
  • Emanuel Charles – Foundations of Sport and Fitness / Specialty Weights Physical Education –
  • Chelsea Feeney – Health Education / Specialty Yoga Physical Education –
  • Spencer Feeney – Specialty Lifetime Sports Physical Education / Specialty Soccer Physical Education –
  • Lindsay Greene – Foundations of Sports and Fitness / Health Education –
  • Louis Hoelman –Foundations of Sport and Fitness / Specialty Net Sports Physical Education –
  • Samual Nosoff – Health Education / Specialty Flag Football Physical Education –
  • Rob McMahon – Specialty Weights Physical Education –
  • Heather Nelson – Specialty Dance Physical Education / Specialty Yoga Physical Education–
  • Damon Pigrom – Foundations of Sport and Fitness / Specialty Basketball Physical Education –
  • Edmund Ryan – Health Education –

Grading Policy and Participation Rubric

The Courses:


All students must take the 1 full year of Comprehensive Health Education A&B . All students must also complete 1 credit (2 semesters) of Physical Education in order to graduate.

Honors Health education A (HPE2042A) – provides students with the instruction on knowledge and skills necessary to help them make healthful decisions-both now and in the future. Through the implementation of an effective, standards-based health education instructional program, students develop and practice life skills to enhance academic success, and positive behaviors that will equip them to meet the challenges and demands of their lives. The Health promotion and disease prevention concepts presented in this course: Mental and Emotional Health; Substance Abuse Prevention; Safety and Violence Prevention; Family Life and Human Sexuality; Disease Prevention and Control; and Healthy Eating. Health Education aligns with Be Well 365 by emphasizing lifelong positive health-related attitudes and behaviors that promote self-reliance and self-regulation for all students.

Honors Health education B (HPE2042B) – builds on the prerequisite course Honors Health Education A. In this course, students engage further with health promotion concepts. The goal of this course is to engage more through health literacy skill development to promote and support health-enhancing behaviors. The health literacy skills include analyzing influences of family, peers, culture, media, technology, and other factors on health behaviors; accessing valid information; using interpersonal communication skills; demonstrating ability to use decision-making and goal setting skills; practicing health-enhancing behaviors and avoid or reduce health risks; and advocating for personal, family, and community health. Health Education aligns with Be Well 365 by emphasizing lifelong positive health-related attitudes and behaviors that promote self-reliance and self-regulation for all students.

First Aid (HPE2034) Students learn to recognize emergencies and make appropriate decisions for first aid care. For a $5.00 fee they acquire an American Red Cross First Aid and CPR certification, good for two years. Students learn first aid skills the citizen responder needs in order to act as the first link in the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) system. Emphasis is placed on the prevention of injuries and illness and personal safety and health. This is an elective course and does not meet the Health Education graduation requirement. Prerequisite: Health Education A

Physical Education – Courses currently offered in P.E. include Foundations of Sport and Fitness, Specialty Basketball, Weight Training, Advanced Weight Training, Soccer, Dance, Latin Dance, Net Sports, Yoga, Lifetime Sports, Flag Football, and Group Fitness. For more information on Blair's Physical Education policies, goals, and program information, please click here (en español).