Health and Physical Education

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Resource Teacher: Rob McMahon

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The Staff:

  • Lindsay Bumbernick – Foundations of Sports and Fitness / Health Education –
  • Emanuel Charles – Foundations of Sport and Fitness / Specialty Basketball Physical Education / Specialty Weights Physical Education –
  • Spencer Feeney – Specialty Soccer Physical Education –
  • Lauren Gonzalez – Health Education / Specialty Dance Physical Education –
  • Louis Hoelman –Foundations of Sport and Fitness / Specialty Net Games Physical Education –
  • Samual Nosoff – Health Education / Specialty Soccer Physical Education –
  • Rob McMahon – Specialty Weights Physical Education –
  • Heather Nelson – Health Eduation / Specialty Dance Physical Education / Specialty Yoga Physical Education–
  • Megan Olsen – Specialty Yoga Physical Education –
  • Damon Pigrom – Foundations of Sport and Fitness / Specialty Basketball Physical Education –
  • Micahel Rothman – Health Education –

Grading Policy and Participation Rubric

The Courses:


All students must take the 1/2 credit (1 semester) Comprehensive Health Education course in the 10th grade. All students must also complete 1 credit (2 semesters) of Physical Education in order to graduate.

Comprehensive Health Education (10th grade; 1/2 credit; 1 credit; may also be taken at the honors level) – Students address issues in seven topics that include mental health; tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs; personal and consumer health; nutrition and fitness; safety and injury prevention; family life and human sexuality; and disease prevention and control. Although this course is required for graduation, it contains two units, family life and human sexuality and AIDS prevention education, that require parental permission for students under age 18 years who participate in these units.

Physical Education – Courses currently offered in P.E. include Foundations of Sport and Fitness, Specialty Basketball, Weight Training, Advanced Weight Training, Soccer, Dance, Net Games, Yoga, and Group Fitness. For more information on Blair's Physical Education policies, goals, and program information, please click here (en español).


There is one health course in the Health and P.E. curriculum that may be selected as an elective, in addition to the two required courses above:

Family Life and Human Development (11th/12th grades; 1/2 credit; Prerequisite: Comprehensive Health Education) – This course is intended to help students gain a greater understanding of human sexuality and obtain accurate information needed for intelligent and responsible decision making. Major topics include self-concept, interpersonal relationships, human reproduction, pregnancy prevention, pregnancy and childbirth, sexually transmitted diseases, child maltreatment, aging, family in a cross-cultural setting, and the economics of family life. This course does not satisfy the Heath Education graduation requirement.